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EVA Foam: Flexible Sealants and Paints

Learning about paints that move and flex with your EVA foam builds is a game changer, no more worrying about cracking the paint job!

EVA Foam Clay 101

Another material that's making waves in the Cosplay Community is EVA Foam Clay. Flexible, light, and non toxic this material makes it...

Texture Stamps and Rolls

We have seen pre-textured sheets of foam before and we've even seen tutorials on how to texture foam by hand. Now, there are even more optio

Types of Foam

There's an increasing variety of foams. Figuring out which one you want to work with can be incredibly confusing.

EVA Foam 101

EVA Foam is one of the least expensive methods you can use to create cosplay armor and props. You don’t need super fancy tools to work with