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I'm a hobbyist, through and through. I am considered a jack of all trades, but have very little formal education in these subjects. I am currently going to college for a BAS in Business Administration and will be rolling into a degree in Photography.

I started sewing my own cosplays in 2008 when there was a lack of information on cosplay techniques and materials.

By 2014 there was plenty of info regarding the more accessible materials and techniques, but finding panels and workshops that would bolster confidence and share experience in a safe and non judgmental way were hard to find.

I found myself wishing for those kinds of panels and wanted to become more active in my local convention scene. In 2019 I test ran an EVA foam workshop and found it was fun and rewarding for both the participants and myself.

I believe in providing easy access to content that can educate and empower cosplayers, young and old, to push their limits in their craft. There are a lot of free online resources available to help guide you into more complex and exciting cosplays, but very few classes that let you put hands on the materials and tools themselves. For people with a more hands on learning style this can be a huge hurdle for them. My workshops are a way to help people get over these hurdles, and become more comfortable with the subject matter.

My goal is to continue to hold free cosplay workshops and informative panels to help cosplayers of all levels collaborate and learn in a fun, judgement free space.

In order to expand these panels to more conventions, include more people, and even eventually fund giveaways I have started a Patreon to help crowdfund! Click the link below to check out the benefits of supporting this goal!

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