Heartbreaker Prop
Sephiroth Coat
Helmet Commission
LED Flower
Heart breaker blades and a pair of clip on earrings
Splicer Mask
RvB: Guns for Hire Carolina Coat

Cosplay and Prop Commissions

Props and Accessories

Props are my passion, Recently I've been messing around with props that include basic LED circuits. I am proficient with a multitude of materials: Thermoplastics, PVC, Wood working, and EVA foam.


I have been sewing for over a decade and have worked with many different fabrics to include: Satin, Stretch fabrics, Leathers and Pleathers. I am adept at modifying existing patterns and have created a few simple patterns from scratch.

Soldering and Electronics

I am still fairly new to adding LED lights to props and costumes, however I am good at basic soldering techniques, and circuit wiring.


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Prices will be determined through email correspondence once services, commission dimensions, time frame and materials have been confirmed.

I reserve the right to deny a commission request.

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